KHN’s Southern bureau is expanding


One sometimes-overlooked resource for journalists is Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent newsroom with Pulitzer finalist credentials that’s not associated with Kaiser Permanente. KHN offers fact-checked health care stories and photographs for free to other media outlets. 

KHN’s Southern bureau is expanding. KHN has two North Carolina-based reporters: Fred Clasen-Kelly, formerly of The Charlotte Observer, and Aneri Pattani, who produces both radio and print stories. Others are in South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and other Southern states.

Newsrooms that run KHN coverage include CNN, NPR, CBS, and The New York Times. KHN was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for stories uncovering how the University of Virginia Health System sued low-income patients who couldn’t pay their bills, forcing some into bankruptcy.

Part of KHN’s mission is to support local media organizations so reporters have more time to pursue their own reporting. You can localize a KHN story if you check with the KHN partnerships team – Mary Agnes Carey ( and Rebecca Adams ( – before publication about any changes. KHN does have some requests here in their publication guidelines, including that you add a tagline at the bottom of the story explaining who KHN is.

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