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North Carolina Press Services (NCPS) is your strategic partner  for delivering local engagement on a national scale. Through our members, we have deep relationships with every community in North Carolina -giving us local, on-the-ground knowledge that works. This experience and the attending trust are invaluable to advertisers who want results. Working with NCPS is working with the trusted pillars of your customer's communities. Read more about NCPS below.

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Our NCPS Team has been helping clients with their advertising campaigns for the last four decades. We have expert experience in reaching and engaging your target audience. We can save you time, money and effort, from planning to placement. 

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“NC Press is undoubtedly the most impactful digital marketing strategy implemented at Blossman Gas. With NC Press’ advanced targeting, we continue to reach the right prospects ensuring that we are maximizing our email marketing budget and providing relevant information to consumers. NC Press continues to enhance their platform such as launching a drag and drop editor that simplifies the email design process. Most importantly, NC Press is a trusted source for both consumers and businesses.”

Kelsey Smith, Blossman Gas

"When our dental network launched an initiative to drive members to dental practices who are in-network, we turned to NCPS to manage our print buys market-by-market.  No matter the market, NCPS was able to deliver quick quotes on any and all print options to help connect members and our in-network dental practices.  It saved us a lot of time and not having to pay extra costs to manage the campaigns from quotes to placement was an added bonus."    

Brigette Sullivan, Principal Strategic Advisor, BCBS Dental






"My experience with NC Press Services has been nothing short of stellar. The NCPS team consistently goes above and beyond." 

 Elizabeth Allen, North Carolina Department of Transportation 

NCPS Services

We can help utilize a complete media mix of strategic print, digital, and social media advertising and marketing to effectively reach and impact your target audiences. 

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Community Forum has been the cornerstone of democratic society since the early Roman Republic. A dedicated gathering place for local community members to congregate for the purpose of engaging with politics, governance, education, and commerce.  Community forum offers structured dialogue as the center of local  community connection.  Local media, still a trusted source for community connection , strives to serve this purpose in today's society.  Community Forum  advertising reaches the most valuable  and desirable demographic of affluent, educated, and engaged consumers. Together with other newspaper associations across the country, we offer the only platform for local engagement on a national scale. To engage with Community Forum, you must first engage with NCPS.