Why local US newspapers are sounding the alarm


Hundreds of local newspapers have ceased publication in the last decade, but it is not just the paper that faces consequences. 

The latest in the industry is the Daily Camera of Boulder, Colorado. While the town boasts a technology scene, upscale neighborhoods and multiple research centers, it, too cannot stay away from the declining news industry. 

According to research, about 2,000 newspapers have closed or merged since 2004 for reasons including the switch to digital platforms and consolidation. A research study that looked into the effects of a local newspaper shutting down in Colorado found that as more and more local papers shut down, civic engagement decreased. Decreased civic engagement drastically affects voter turnout, as researchers have found that the less likely people are to have access to local news, the less likely they are to participate in political affairs, and the greater the chance they will not vote.

Other effects of newspaper closures include rising costs for taxpayers, the public not knowing about important health problems and the loss of a feeling of community. When these papers shut down, there is nothing to replace them. Read more about what the effect of a local paper that raises its subscription price has on the people of Boulder. 

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