The universe of people trying to deceive journalists keeps expanding, and newsrooms aren't ready


Journalists have their work cut out for them more than ever nowadays as more and more people try to deceive them on the job. With each passing year, journalists face new, harder obstacles, and with constantly evolving technology, their quest for the truth presents a challenge.

Artificial intelligence blurs the lines sometimes because it can create and manipulate videos by pairing voices with videos of people speaking, which look convincing to naïve viewers.

This creates a multifaceted problem for journalists in which they are responsible for identifying real sources from fake ones, educating the public of the potential for the spread of false information and using technology that doesn’t falsify but, instead, aids in journalistic efforts.

Not to worry though, as technology changes and streamlines the process of information gathering, researchers are looking into how it can be used for only positive contributions to the journalism field. Tools are being innovated that help in verification, although many are not available yet. And while the tools are double-edged by having the potential to create a sense of mistrust, developments are necessary if journalism wants to keep its mission intact.

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