Tampa Bay Times CEO says dozens of layoffs 'directly related to the tariffs'


Newspaper tariffs are hitting American newsrooms hard, including the Tampa Bay Times. 

Layoffs are approaching for journalists at the Times due to the rising expenses being placed on papers by the tariffs. Tampa Bay Times CEO Paul Tash estimates that the tariffs will burden the Times' newsroom with an additional $3 million of expenses. 

The first of the layoffs began a couple of weeks ago and will result in about 50 total jobs lost across the company by the time they are finished. For large local companies such as the Times, newsprint still remains a large asset to gaining revenue through circulation and print advertising. The Times relies on newsprint to reach its larger audience base that isn't reached through digital tactics. 

Tash also expects other papers to face layoffs and other direct consequences from the tariffs in the near future.

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