Small newsrooms in out-of-the-way places


LOCAL NEWS OUTLETS across the country play an essential role in creating civically engaged and informed communities. Often, these outlets do their work with minimal resources. Sometimes, they do it with hardly anything, with one or two journalists taking on the specialized tasks of an entire news staff. Below, we highlight the efforts of some of these journalists, from one couple who edits the paper from their front porch in North Carolina, to another whose paper is delivered by plane to those living in remote Alaska.

Ocracoke Observer
Ocracoke, North Carolina
Circulation: 2,500-6,000 (summer)

OCRACOKE, ON NORTH CAROLINA’S Outer Banks, is reachable only by ferry, private plane, or boat. The island’s newspaper, the Ocracoke Observer, is run from Peter Vankevich’s porch, and the office uniform consists of shorts and flip-flops.

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