North Carolina, Apple negotiating deal on Triangle campus


Sources say that the technology company might be investing in the Research Triangle Park, and will create 10,000 jobs out of the venture. If the project were to go through, Apple is setting its sights on developing in Cary and eventually spreading throughout the southern part of the Research Triangle Park. The amount of jobs and money the project would bring to the state would make it one of the largest investments to come to North Carolina in a while, a government official said.

Legislators met on Wednesday to plan out the final details with Apple, and have high hopes for the project's success.

The project aims to add 3,000 jobs to the area initially with the goal of increasing to 5,000 to 10,000 long-term jobs in the future.

There are some incentives for both Apple and the Research Triangle Park to ensure that the deal goes through, including 30 years of property tax reductions from Wake County in hopes of instilling stability and longevity for the investment. 

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