Judge grants time to weigh insanity plea in newspaper attack


A judge ruled that the lawyer representing the man charged with killing five journalists at a newspaper in Maryland will have more time to file a plea of not being criminally responsible by reason of insanity. The lawyer will have until Oct. 24 to plea that Jarrod Ramos is not criminally responsible.

Judge Laura Kiessling scheduled hearings on Dec. 18 and 19 to talk about admissible evidence and a jury trial for Jan 15, saying the trial might be 10 days. There are 23 charges against Ramos, including five counts of first-degree murder as well as attempted murder and assault. Ramos has been known to have a grudge on the Capital Gazette and planned the attack, trapping people inside of the newsroom by blocking the exits.

Prosecutors were ordered by the judge to turn over more information to allow the defense to look at, including witness information, camera footage and 911 calls.

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