First of three NewsLitCamps in D.C. begins 4/21


The first NewsLitCamp will be held by the News Literacy Project in Washington, D.C. The project aims to connect journalists and teachers with staff from NewseumEd, an organization that provides media literacy tools to all.

The program consists of a full day of activities for teachers to learn how to best teach their students about real news versus fake news. 

The idea came from the News Literacy Project, an organization that sends journalists to classrooms to explain their work and how to report the news. It was a success among students and teachers, so the NewsLitCamp was created with the same intent in mind, and will be available to a larger audience. 

Journalists and editors from The Washington Post as well as Executive Editor Marty Baron will be there to educate teachers about misinformation in the media and how to help their students know what the truth is.

The camp comes at a significant time as social media consumes youths' lives and is one of the only information and media sources for many.

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