Laney Crawley will serve as the 2024-25 editor-in-chief of The Daily Tar Heel


Laney Crawley's signature color is pink.

She enters The Daily Tar Heel newsroom every day in a rosy ensemble, right down to the backpack, ready to get to work as the newspaper's opinion editor.

For her fellow editors and co-workers, like University Editor Lauren Rhodes, the color is symbolic of the welcoming and joyful presence Crawley brings to the newsroom.
On Monday night, the Editor Selection Committee chose Crawley to be The DTH's next editor-in-chief.

Her platform includes addressing increasing rates of editor burnout and turnover, improving compensation, repairing connections with the Black Student Movement and restructuring the newsroom's investigative reporting and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Crawley is the first Black woman to be selected as editor-in-chief of The DTH. After 131 years, Crawley said she is proud of the accomplishment — but disappointed it took this long.
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