Columnist A.C. Snow dies after 70 years at NC newspapers and ‘a love affair with words’


A.C. Snow, the longtime News & Observer columnist who delighted readers with country wisdom wrapped in elegant prose for 70 years, died Friday in Raleigh.

He was 97, and had written his farewell column only two years before. Well into his 90s, he would grace the old McDowell Street newsroom in his canary yellow blazer, keeping a post in his old office on a corridor that by then had mostly been abandoned.

“As long as I can remember,” Snow once wrote, “I’ve had a love affair with words and their wondrous power when strung together, verbally or in print. As an inept public speaker, I found my voice in writing, recording the ongoing dramas, large and small, being played out on the stage of life around me.”

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