"A counter to the constant 'firehouse' of the social stream": Newsletters find their place in publisher strategies


Adweek’s Mark Stenberg told us 2022 is the year of ‘newsletter ‘normalisation’, the year when every major publisher came to understand that email must be a component of their editorial strategy. There were several reasons for that shift.

The number of people actively avoiding the news is growing. Whether they lack trust in the media, fatigued by the negativity of the modern news cycle or simply overwhelmed by the amount of information available across their social feeds, they are selectively staying away from news coverage.

Email newsletters are increasingly being positioned as a counter to the constant ‘firehose’ of the social stream, as Reuters noted in this year’s Digital News Report, the first with a chapter dedicated to email. The report says 65% of survey respondents across 10 countries listed convenience as the biggest factor in consuming content via email.

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