Behind the High Board Fence


Reminiscent of today, change comes to North Carolina in the early 20th century. In her 16-chapter serialized book, Behind the High Board Fence, Helen Marley reports on the causes and effects of industrialization on individuals, families and institutions. In her 80s, after a stroke disables her right hand, with her left hand, Marley’s mother, Helen Sharp, writes what she remembers of her childhood and leaves those stories for her daughter. Marley weaves her mother’s recollections into Behind the High Board Fence. Similarly, students are invited to interview an older family member or friend and describe a childhood memory, explained in the WRITING OPPORTUNITY below. Students should return their writing to their local newspaper or contact the NC Press Foundation via email at NEWSPAPERS, publish the story to promote reading and writing and the study of North Carolina history. Each chapter includes an illustration, newspaper activity and history related to the chapter. Links below lead to promotional fliers or ads, sample chapters, sources used to write the histories, a chapter-by-chapter study guide aligned with Bloom’s taxonomy, revised and 28 graphic organizers that apply to the story, for use in classrooms and homes. Marley makes the story and illustrations drawn by her friend, Thorne Worley, available to North Carolina newspapers at no charge. On request, the NC Press Foundation will send newspapers a letter explaining more about the story and accompanying instructional materials. FOR NEWSPAPERS: Sample chapters: