Relevance Project Releases ‘Revenue Resource 2020’


For More Information Contact:
Tom Silvestri,
Executive Director, The Relevance Project

The Newspaper Association Managers’ Relevance Project today released the extensive Revenue Resource 2020 to assist newspapers in aiding businesses of all sorts during the problematic pandemic. 

“Our goal is to keep expanding this new resource,” said Steve Nixon, NAM president.
“We appreciate our associations’ support of The Relevance Project and the timely collaborations to strengthen community newspapers.”

The initial phase of the Relevance Project Revenue Resource has 18 sales promotions:

  • Three are sales fliers that ad reps can send to local businesses to show the local newspaper is eager to help with reopenings under the banner of ALL TOGETHER NOW. The materials are perfect conversations starters to secure appointments and explore solutions.
  • The remaining 15 pieces in the new resource are eye-opening statements about the power of newspapers to motivate consumers to buy from newspaper advertisers in categories ranging from grocers to home services to educators to eyewear to others who use display ads, coupons or circulars.
  • All of the categories show that at least 6 out of 10 readers are motivated to act after reviewing a newspaper advertising. Each statement also lists the Top 3 Actions taken by readers.

The overall NEWSPAPER ADS WORK campaign is the result of The Relevance Project’s enterprising partnership with Metro Creative Graphics and the Coda Ventures research firm, two major vendors of the newspaper industry.