NCPA Federal Credit Union expands mobile payment options


Last February, NCPAFCU announced the much-anticipated launch of mobile payments for NCPAFCU debit and credit cardholders. Since that time,
many of you have enjoyed the simplicity of ApplePay™, SamsungPay™
and AndroidPay™, completing thousands of transactions each month at
participating merchants. Recently, NCPAFCU expanded the options to
include Microsoft Wallet™, offering you even more choices to simplify the
way you pay!

If you are not familiar with the service, mobile payments allow you to
securely use your debit or credit card to make purchases using your mobile
device, such as an iPhone. Members using the application compatible with
their device will add their debit or credit card to their “mobile wallet.” The
card number is replaced with a unique and secure 16-digit token used
during the purchase process.

Enrolling is simple and instructions for all four options are available on
the NCPAFCU website, From the homepage, click on Mobile
Payments under the Services tab and then select the correct option for
your device.

In addition to mobile payments, NCPAFCU also offers Visa® Checkout. This
service allows you to securely store your information with Visa to avoid
the hassle of entering your payment and shipping information each time
you make an online purchase using your smartphone, tablet or computer.
When you enroll with Visa Checkout, you can also qualify for year round
offers through online merchants, adding even more potential value! Make
your online shopping simple, fast and secure by enrolling today. Detailed
instructions are available at by clicking Visa Checkout under
the Services tab.

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