Longtime N&O photographer Chuck Liddy was as unforgettable as the images he made


On assignments, News & Observer photographer Chuck Liddy would refer to a writer colleague as “my reporter,” causing the scribbler’s eye to twitch.

The way Liddy saw the world — mostly through the lens of a camera — every story also was his: his to shoot, to tell, to throw at readers in a way that punched them in the sternum. Hard.

Chuck Liddy, 69, a lifelong photojournalist who often produced his best work when he felt he had something to prove, died Sunday after an illness.

Liddy retired from The News & Observer in 2019 after 26 years at the news organization, leaving with other coworkers who accepted McClatchy’s company-wide early-retirement offer. If he had a regret about the timing of his departure, his friend and fellow photographer Robert Willett said, it might have been that he didn’t get to finish shooting the Duke Blue Devils’ basketball season that year.

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