HB 572, NCPA-supported public notices bill, introduced


During a press conference todayattended by several NCPA members, Reps. Ross, Davis, Goodman and Malone introduced HB 572, NCPA-supported legislation to keep public notices in newspapers, as well as ensure their delivery online via newspaper websites and NCNOTICES.COM where they will exceed the reach of government websites. The bill also provides disounts for notices that must be published more than once. The legislation is the House partner bill to SB 435 in the Senate, sponsored by Sens. Sanderson, Dunn and Horner and introduced last week.

Rep. Ross, during the bill's introduction, noted that the legislation was passed by the House unanimously in 2015, but failed to be voted on by the Senate. He noted that the bill is less restrictive than others currently working through the legislature (Sen. Wade's SB343 and it's House equivalent HB432), and is modeled on existing regulations in Florida.