Bylaws changes to be voted on at Annual Meeting


Following 18 months of work, NCPA's Operations Committee, chaired by NCPA past president Regina Howard-Glaspie of The Times-News, Burlington, will bring forward proposed changes to NCPA's bylaws for a vote at NCPA's Annual Meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, March 10 during Winter Institutein Raleigh.

The changes, approved by NCPA's Board of Directors during their October 2016 meeting, are intended to modernize the bylaws by bringing them up-to-date with current practices while providing added flexibility for the Association moving foward.

A summary of the changes, prepared by NCPA General Counsel Amanda Martin, follows:


•Renumbering to add in Article I (name of organization) and Article II (mission statement).
•Note that only Active Members have the right to discuss and vote at meetings.
•Applicants need not pay upon application.
•Notices can be made by email.
•Secretary-Treasurer can act or designate a representative to act.
•Clarify that the Secretary-Treasurer of NCPA and NCPS need to be different individuals.
•Remove Assistant Secretary-Treasurer position but allow for its appointment.
•Clean-up language about how directors now are elected (eliminating original language about electing in classes).
•Clean-up statutory language.
•Clean-up language to reflect reality that President can, but doesn’t always, appoint a Finance Committee.


•Article III, Section 1(c): defining daily newspapers as publishing in print five or more times per week.
•Article V, Section 1: provide for 7-9 directors.
•Permit directors to serve two consecutive terms.
•Permit retired member employees to serve as voting members of committees.
•Clean-up language about meetings to call for a minimum of three meetings per year by the Board of Directors and an Annual Meeting of the membership, plus whatever else is determined.
•Call for the designation of an official organ without naming what it is. That shall serve as the vehicle for notice to members when notice is required.
•Clean-up language to reflect the practice with regard to meetings of the Association.

All active (newspaper) members are eligible to vote on the proposed changes. To register for Winter Institute and the Annual Meeting click here.