After 50 years, it's time to say goodbye


This day has been coming for some time, but I kept putting it off.

I’d wake up and convince myself I still have the drive of that first summer I showed up at 6 a.m. at the Fayetteville Observer with zero experience but a passion for high school sports.
Fast forward 50 years. I’m no longer a regular on the sidelines of games, scribbling play-by-play on a legal pad, then retreating to my car on deadline to add the stats and pound out a quick story. Or in a real pinch, dictating one off the top of my head from a phone booth next to a deserted football field.
I cover everything from afar now, relying on phone interviews and social media and the games streamed on the web to keep me connected.
After a few years pushing this technology envelope and trying to force my career as a full-time journalist into it, I realized I’m kidding myself.
Covering high school sports is a full-time job, not something you can do the right way with the limitations I have to deal with.
So it is time to make the official announcement that my days as a sports writer are over. Effective immediately I am stepping down from my role at CityView to move into what I hope will be an enjoyable and peaceful retirement.
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