A step toward diversity at national sports media awards


Getting awards is always fun. Receiving an award that 1) feels kind of ground-breaking and 2) gets to be shared with one of your best friends, is particularly awesome.

That’s what happened last weekend when The Chronicle’s Susan Slusser and I traveled to Winston-Salem, N.C., to receive our awards as California co-sportswriters of the year from the National Sports Media Association.

We are the first women to earn the honor of sharing a state’s award. Being from the same newspaper was icing on the cake and a testament to The Chronicle’s longtime commitment to diversity.

Unfortunately, that diversity still isn’t represented throughout our industry. Of the 109 state winners (there is a sportswriter and sportscaster named from each state and the District of Columbia, and, in some cases, as with mine and Susan’s, there are co-winners) there were seven female winners. That was a new record: seven. Or 6 percent.

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