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Since 1843 NCPA has supported North Carolina newspapers, readership and advertising. We work to protect the public's right to know through the defense of open government and First Amendment freedoms, and we help maintain the public's access to local, state and federal governments. NC Press Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary, works with clients to provide one-call advertising solutions (online, mobile and print) and press release services in North Carolina and nationwide.


Newspapers only seem "low tech."  Still, if you're looking for something a bit more flashy - like digital, mobile or social media ads - we can deliver big results for you with that too.

Call NC Press Services at (919) 516-8009 for all your advertising needs today.


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  • July 8: Goal-based networking: How to turn your social life into profitable relationships. Details
  • July 14: The US DOL's new rules on overtime. Details.
  • July 14-15: Building a better sales team to maximize revenue. Details
  • July 15: Photography for non-photographers. Details
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July 27: How to live-Tweet events. Details
Aug. 18: Design that sells. Details.

Sept. 11-14: ASNE-APME News Leadership Conference. Details
Sept. 14-16: SNPA/FPA/FSNE News Industry Summit. Details

Sept. 22-24: NNA Convention, Franklin, TN. Details